Sisters’ move to Mason Pointe makes headline news

Sisters made front page news in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on Christmas Eve when the paper reported on their move from Immaculate Heart to Mason Pointe Care Center.

The move to Mason Pointe went off without a hitch. Sr. Josephine Fritz said, “I am so grateful it went smoothly. I had been praying for the strength to get through it and the wisdom to accept the packing and decisions that had to be made.”

Moving day

Mason Pointe

Sister Josephine turned 100 on December 27. On the day of the move she was determined to unpack her own boxes, including this behemoth.

The move took place on December 10 and 11, 2018. Packing began a few days earlier when volunteers helped the Sisters clear out their rooms. 

A moving company hauled five truck loads of boxes, furniture and equipment from Immaculate Heart to Mason Pointe before completing its task. An enormous blue and white banner hung at the entrance of Mason Pointe to welcome the Sisters to their new home. 

Remarkably, the Sisters were able to hold evening prayers in the newly constructed Good Shepherd chapel on their first night at Mason Pointe. Sr. Nora Pat O’Flannigan saw to that. She worked around the clock unpacking an endless stack of boxes. She organized every detail so that the chapel was ready in time for evening prayers. This included hanging the large crucifix where all of the Sisters could see it easily from any seat in the chapel.  

Mason Pointe

Sr. Nora Pat made the impossible dream come true. “We prayed together the first night in our new home. It was wonderful,” she said. 

Her efforts also made it possible for Monseigneur Schneider to hold Mass the following Sunday. 

Mason Pointe

Mason Pointe Care Center is in the west county of St. Louis. It is one of 21 locations in Missouri and Illinois where Lutheran Senior Services specializes in housing, care, and supportive services for older adults.

The Sisters in Community at Mason Pointe share the third floor in three separate wings. The wings branch off of the chapel, making it easy for the Sisters to gather for prayers and Mass. It also makes it easy for them to meet as a community and to visit with each other in their individual rooms. The Sisters sit together at long tables for meals, just like they did at Immaculate Heart Convent. 

Mason PointeImmaculate Heart staff, hired by Mason Pointe, lend Sr. Elizabeth a helping hand.

Most of the staff from Immaculate Heart followed the Sisters to Mason Pointe. They are now employed by Lutheran Senior Services, including nursing, cooking and housekeeping staff.  This has made the Sisters’ transition much easier.

Although they are in a new environment, the Sisters say they feel comfortable and at ease because they are together and surrounded by staff they know. The new people in their lives are rapidly becoming family. Like Dr. Itsy, who is assigned to the Sisters and Chaplain Terry Quick who avails himself to the Sisters at every turn. Father Ron Chochol and Monseigneur Nicholas Schneider continue to preside over Mass for the Sisters.

Mason PointeSr. Michael Maguire has plenty of room at Mason Pointe to maneuver through the halls in her new motorized scooter.

The Sisters are happy at Mason Pointe. When I asked Sr. Michael Maguire what she thought of her new residence, she exclaimed, “I love it here! What’s not to love about it? This place is wonderful.”

Now that’s an endorsement. 

Mason Pointe

Mason PointeTo read the St. Louis Post Dispatch story online, visit The article includes an array of photographs and a video interview with Sr. Rosalinda Sobremisana.

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