Green Corner

large tree forms a spiritual nook in a forest

Trees are spiritual for me

By Jeanette McDermott

Trees are spiritual for me. Trees are what I seek when I need counsel. I walk among trees and talk out loud to them when I am discerning something momentous. I bellow out to them when I am outraged, and I lean on them in whispered prayer. My relationship with trees began a lifetime ago…

faith for earth initiative

Faith for Earth initiative and Laudato Si

By Jeanette McDermott

Three years ago the United Nations (UN) and faith groups around the world joined together to create something called the Faith for Earth Initiative. UN Environment founded the initiative with 20 faith organizations representing eight major religious bodies. Their aim was to promote environmental action and investing for environmental impact. In its three short years,…

Laudato Si anniversary year

Laudato Si anniversary year launches

By Jeanette McDermott

Laudato Si anniversary year has launched and runs from May 24, 2020 to May 24, 2021. While the world experiences a history-defining pandemic crisis, Laudato Si Week (May 17-24) gave us an opportunity to reflect and prepare to build a better world. The Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development promoted the week and announced…

single-use plastic

Single-use plastic is back

By Jeanette McDermott

Many of us have been striving for years to be less wasteful, especially when it comes to using single-use plastic. Our efforts have collided head-on with the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has brought about a resurgence of single-use plastics, and people worried about catching a deadly disease don’t care. States like California, Hawaii and Massachusetts…

Sister Monica

Sister Monica discusses her garden

By Jeanette McDermott

Sister Monica Duong takes us into her vegetable garden and talks about experimenting with gardening techniques. She speaks to us about learning the art of patience with wind, rain, and pesky squirrels. Gardeners know that their efforts can be exhausting, and they can be exhilarating. For Sister Monica, the real joy of gardening is harvest…


Plastic, Sister Sharon’s eco passion

By Jeanette McDermott

A first of year dialogue with Sr. Sharon O’Grady gives us plenty to think about as we head into 2019 with Planet Earth needing our attention and positive actions. Sr. Sharon is especially concerned about water and how our excessive use of plastic is destroying its quality. She is also deeply saddened that people’s continued…