Mission Effectiveness

Lunch and Learn series features life and mission of Saint Mary Euphrasia

By Lizzie Cody

Saint Mary Euphrasia said, “One inspires children of noble lineage to become virtuous by speaking to them about the virtues of their ancestors: one tells them of their adventures, their exploits, their good characteristics and so lead them to become brave and generous as they were.” In this same spirit, the Office of Mission Effectiveness…

Moon with ladder leading up to it

New leadership team has dreams for the province

By Jeanette McDermott

The Province of Mid-North America has dreamed for years of how we will move things forward toward success for the mission. The new Province Leadership Team (PLT) is in place, and they know that a dream of a better province begins with them and each of us. The PLT is excited about what we can…

woman with on face Good Shepherds dazzle when working together for mission

Good Shepherds dazzle when working together for mission

By Lizzie Cody

There is no doubt about it: Good Shepherds dazzle when working together for Mission. Saint Mary Euphrasia recognized this and even spoke about it in a round-about sort of way. She said: “Yes, our Congregation is built on love. Strive to perpetuate it among us. What is more beautiful or more desirable than this charity,…

video series

Video series reveals Mary Euphrasia

By Jeanette McDermott

The new video series about Saint Mary Euphrasia has a back-story. In telling a story to her community of Sisters one day, Saint Mary Euphrasia said, “A long time ago, while traveling with two of our Sisters, we broke the journey and stayed with a Community, where we were cordially welcomed. In the course of…

Mission Formation

Mission Formation options open for partners in mission

By Jeanette McDermott

The North America Mission and Values Team — known best for planning North America Gatherings and Angers Pilgrimages — is offering mission formation in new and creative ways during the pandemic, when we cannot be together in person. The team is broadening the invitation to everyone. Beginning in October, the team will host at least…


Gathering is a time to connect

By Lizzie Cody

“Oh! How consoling it is to find ourselves reunited today! How happy I am to have you, my dear daughters and sons, around me to witness the affectionate charity, the peace, the spirit of union reigning among you. None of you are strangers to each other – all have but one heart and one mind….