The Mother House in Angers, France

The lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia – Calendar

By Jeanette McDermott

All year long, the lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia at the Motherhouse in Angers, France, burns round-the-clock for the intentions of the Congregation. During the month of July, the Oratory burns for the Province of Mid-North America. View the 2023 St. Mary Euphrasia Oratory calendar here

Sister Elise Kramer, vocation story

By Jeanette McDermott

Elise Ann Kramer found a pamphlet about contemplative nuns in a drawer in her home while growing up. That pamphlet would plant a seed in the young girl’s mind and eventually spur her to inquire about religious life. As an adolescent, Elise made a few initial inquiries with different religious communities. She even visited some…

Magdalen scrapbook gives insight into prayer life

By Monte Abbott

In the Mid-North America archives is a scrapbook the Magdalens kept many years ago. It contains letters, pictures, and descriptions of what was happening on the convent grounds in Louisville and regionally. There is also a surprising amount of content that concerns national and international events. The Magdalens did not have television or radio, but…

Contemplative Sisters 196 years in formation

By Jeanette McDermott

A prayerful moment at the Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters paid tribute on November 11th to the 196th anniversary of the foundation of the Contemplative Sisters. The assembly recalled the Sisters’ history through photographs. The presentation began with the Magdalen Sisters, as they were first known. They moved on to being named the Sisters of…

Vow ceremony to install new Companions

Vow ceremony to install new Companions

By Patti Olson

I wanted to share my reflections on the recent vow ceremony to install new Companions that we held on Sunday morning, April 25. To better understand how meaningful this ceremony was to me, I feel it is important to first share my background with you. From the age of five, when I attended my first…

Reflections of a Lenten retreat

By Joan Clancy

These are my reflections on a Lenten retreat that Companions of Jesus the Good Shepherd took this spring. We Companions, isolated by COVID-19, have felt for a year like we’re sitting in the car looking out the passenger side window. As Lent approached, Mary de Sane grabbed the wheel and metaphorically piloted us down the…