The Mother House in Angers, France

The lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia – Calendar

By Jeanette McDermott

All year long, the lamp in the Oratory of St. Mary Euphrasia at the Motherhouse in Angers, France, burns round-the-clock for the intentions of the Congregation. During the month of July, the Oratory burns for the Province of Mid-North America. View the 2023 St. Mary Euphrasia Oratory calendar here

Chance encounter at Good Shepherd Services Atlanta leads to reunion of mother and son torn apart by war

By Jeanette McDermott

During the final days of the Vietnam War 47 years ago, a young nun in the Vietnam Mekong Delta helped a toddler escape to safety as the city of Saigon began to collapse. Jason was a mixed-race baby born to a Vietnamese-French mother. As communist North Vietnamese forces advanced through South Vietnam, the people grew…

healing presence

Healing presence in the lives of women

By Jeanette McDermott

Healing presence in the lives of women. That is how women at Good Shepherd Gracenter describe the recovery residence that offers them a supportive and gently challenging program to strengthen their early sobriety. Gracenter helps women without resources break free from drug and alcohol addiction. The healing presence at Gracenter and power of God’s grace…