peaceful lake with sunset

Do you resonate with the dream that guides our actions as Sisters of the Good Shepherd? Are you a woman who wants to commit herself to God through the apostolic or  contemplative lifestyle?

Are you genuinely concerned about serving rather than being served? Are you agreeable to being shaken out of your comfort zone? 

If you have the ability to live a life with a group of women with reverence for sacred space, then we welcome a chance to meet with you.

If you will allow your prayer to be in service of women’s struggle for equality, justice and freedom, then we invite you to consider a life of Good Shepherd.

If you believe that through transformation of self in Christ you can help transform our world where others can touch God, then it may be that you would benefit from having a deeper conversation with us.

If you have the heart of a prayer warrior, it is possible that you are meant to join us in building a world that nurtures compassion and reconciliation. Contact Sister Claudia Palacio at [email protected].