Chance encounter at Good Shepherd Services Atlanta leads to reunion of mother and son torn apart by war

By Jeanette McDermott

During the final days of the Vietnam War 47 years ago, a young nun in the Vietnam Mekong Delta helped a toddler escape to safety as the city of Saigon began to collapse. Jason was a mixed-race baby born to a Vietnamese-French mother. As communist North Vietnamese forces advanced through South Vietnam, the people grew…

DeNeuville Learning Center for Women rebranded

By Jeanette McDermott

The DeNeuville Learning Center for Women, formerly DeNeuville Learning Center, has had a branding makeover. The center has a new modified name, new logo, new signage, new floor, and a new website. The bulk of the rebranding was accomplished through in-kind donations valued at $100,000. The new website has interactive digital tools to handle events…

Good Shepherd Volunteers group photo

New cadre of Good Shepherd Volunteers in place

By Jeanette McDermott

The new cadre of Good Shepherd Volunteers (GSV) is making a difference in Good Shepherd ministries as they serve a one-year commitment with Sisters of the Good Shepherd. GSV is a North America inter-province ministry that connects recent college graduates to one-year, full-time volunteer opportunities serving women, children, and adolescents who are affected by poverty,…

Sister Maureen Kunz and women in her faith formation community

Sister Maureen Kunz: faith formation and community outreach

By Jeanette McDermott

Sister Maureen Kunz has an outreach ministry with two main parts: service to the faith community through adult faith formation; service to people in the community without adequate resources. Faith Formation Sister Maureen volunteers with her parish RCIA team to assist adults in their faith formation in Richmond, British Columbia, and in Blaine, Washington. As…

Vista Maria and my summer of song

By Mary Carol McClenon

I spent the month of July at Vista Maria in Detroit.  Since I was given the privilege of some weeks of transition time between the end of my ministry in Danville, Pennsylvania, and the beginning of my new role as Apostolic Province Councilor, I offered to go to Vista Maria and give Voice Lessons to…

counseling to advocacy motivational sign that says whatever it takes

From counseling to advocacy, a Sister’s instincts save a family

By Jeanette McDermott

This is the story of how one Good Shepherd Apostolic Sister went from counseling to advocacy and saved a family in the process. Chris Hock, RGS, left Portland, Oregon, and the counseling ministries that fed her soul to return to her roots in southern Indiana. When she applied for counseling jobs in the largest neighboring…