Sisters of the Good Shepherd have four core values that govern our lives and ministries.Individual Worth

We value the dignity of each person and strive to treat each person with respect, giving them opportunity for growth and individual expression.

A person is of more value than a world.” St. Mary Euphrasia

“Our relationship with those we meet should be for them a means of encounter with the Good Shepherd. We seek to approach them as he does. Each person is present to him in human uniqueness, and he calls each one friend. Our love should awaken in them a sense of their worth and dignity as children of God.” Constitution 5


We value acting with compassion and kindness, recognizing that all people sometimes make mistakes and need the support of others to be restored to physical, psychological and spiritual health.

"While you labor for the Good Shepherd, you labor to help people know God's saving love. This is your calling." St. Mary Euphrasia

“The continued experience of mercy in all aspects of our lives, sends us to be a presence of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.” Constitution 5


We value working together in harmony, resolving conflicts, promoting open communication and assisting all in finding personal peace and peace in their relationships with family and society.

"Love and justice bind us to each other and to the whole mission." St. Mary Euphrasia

“Our commitment to reconciliation demands that we promote justice and peace in a world disturbed by sin and conflict.” Constitution 6


We value the passionate giving of our time and talents in service of the welfare of others and the betterment of our world. Zeal is love in action.

"Let your motto be 'devotedness, zeal, labor'...appreciate the grandeur of your task." St. Mary Euphrasia

“Like our foundress, we are to be consumed with the compassion and zeal of … the Good Shepherd.” Constitution 28