Across Borders

Commemorating the day of Aguchita’s martyrdom

By Jeanette McDermott

The Good Shepherd Spirituality Center in Angers, France, is producing a video about Sister Antonia Luzmila Rivas Lopez (Aguchita) in English, Spanish, and French. Sister Virginia Gordon, RGS, is the voice of Aguchita in the English version of the video, and Jeanette McDermott, Communications Coordinator for the Province of Mid-North America, serves as narrator. Nancy Pereyra,…

Kolwezi program draws attention at Vatican conference

By Jeanette McDermott

The Kolwezi program that Good Shepherd Sisters run in the Democratic Republic of Congo drew the attention last month of Pope Francis and the Vatican. Catherine Mutindi, RGS, is one of three founders of the Good Shepherd program in Kolwezi. The program is unique for being the only child labor intervention in a mining compound….

small Asian girl

Good Shepherd study on girls in Asia and the Pacific

By Jeanette McDermott

Joyce Meyer, PBVM, serves on the board of the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) and is the international liaison to women religious for Global Sisters Report (GSR). In August, Sister Joyce wrote an article for GSR that features a new Good Shepherd study on girls in Asia and the Pacific. The study is titled A…

Catholic Sisters in Myanmar raise their voices against nation’s military oppressors

By Jeanette McDermott

The world began paying attention to Myanmar (formerly Burma) last October when the nation’s Buddhist majority began a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims. The world watched in horror as the military junta overthrew the Myanmar government and began systematically killing people. In an article she wrote for Global Sisters Report, Jane Nway Nway…

Vietnam workers in bio suits during COVID

Uniting in prayers for Vietnam as COVID spreads

By Agnes Nguyen

We need prayers for Vietnam because COVID is spreading throughout our country. Since May, people have been forced to self-isolate, and travel is restricted. When people and families are not allowed to go out, when companies and factories close, it means that the income of workers is also lost. Two Good Shepherd Sisters, Rose, and…

Announcement that Sister Aguchita will be beatified

Sister Aguchita will be beatified a saint

By Jeanette McDermott

Sister Aguchita will be beatified! On May 22, 2021, Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate the decree on the martyrdom of Antonia Luzmila Rivas Lopez (Aguchita) in hatred of the faith. A member of the Peruvian Communist Party Shining Path in La Florida, Peru, murdered Sister Aguchita on September…