The Rosary Makers

Rosary makers at the Maria Droste Contemplative Community in St. Louis crafted more than 100 rosaries in recent weeks, after having said yes when the St. Louis Archdiocese asked women religious for 700 handmade rosaries for its upcoming annual appeals luncheon.rosary makers

Benefactors of the Archdiocese will receive the special rosaries at the luncheon as thank you gifts for their generosity in supporting Catholic ministries in the St. Louis Archdiocese. Some of the Good Shepherd Sisters in the contemplative community have been making rosaries for decades, while others are taking lessons from Sisters in the community to learn the technique for making them. All of the rosary makers, novices and experts alike at the Maria Droste Contemplative Community, said they were happy to add their prayers and rosaries to the project.

You can learn more about the Good Shepherd contemplative Sisters in St. Louis by reading a blog Sister Sharon Rose Authorson wrote about a Day of Prayer that was held in May among the Contemplative Sisters of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. You can also read about the baby blanket ministry the contemplative Sisters formed through a crochet club they created. The purpose of the baby blanket ministry is to save babies from abortion.

Jeanette McDermott

Jeanette McDermott

Jeanette is the Communications Coordinator for Sisters of the Good Shepherd Province of Mid-North America. She is a career photojournalist who has served in various capacities of print, broadcast, and corporate communications. Jeanette is devoted to creation and is particularly focused on saving pollinators and other wildlife species and their habitat. She is an ethical vegan and created the website