Season of Creation is a month-long prayer for Earth

Season of Creation is a month-long prayer for Earth. It began on September 1, which is known globally by most Christian churches as a day of prayer for Creation.

The Orthodox Church started the tradition of setting aside this day of prayer for Creation. Members of the World Council of Churches have also engaged in this practice, as have a number of Catholic Dioceses across the globe. In fact, many have renamed it the Season of Creation, extending it from one day to a full month. The Season of Creation ends with a Blessing of the Animals on the Feast of St Francis on October 4.

Pope Francis wrote a letter to the people of God last year initiating a “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.” He began the letter with quotations from Laudato Si #216, 217. He cited four reasons for the world prayer. Those reasons are to

  • reaffirm our personal vocation to be stewards of Creation
  • thank God for “the wonderful handiwork” entrusted to our care
  • ask God’s help for the protection of Creation
  • ask pardon for our misuse of Creation

The Holy Father asks that this become a “significant occasion for prayer, reflection, conversion, and the adoption of appropriate lifestyles.”

Websites for Season of Creation

Websites help individuals, parishes and communities participate in the Season of Creation. They contain prayers and resources for those wanting to participate in the extended Season of Creation. To find resources, Google Season of Creation.

season of creation
Sr. Sharon O’Grady posts on the bulletin board that she created at the Province Center for the Season of Creation. She updates the board weekly with a new theme.

The website for Global Catholic Climate Movement contains Pope Francis’ letter announcing the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation”

Pope Francis’ Worldwide Prayer Network produced an official Season of Creation video. The Network launched it on July 31 at World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. About three million pilgrims from every corner of the globe saw the video while they were gathered in Krakow to join Pope Francis for the World Youth Day final mass. The video raises awareness in the Catholic community about the Pope’s invitation to pray for Creation and take action for its care.

Let us join together in praying for our Earth. Let our prayer reawaken us to the beauty and gift of Earth. May it bring us into solidarity with the cry of all of Earth’s Beings who are so devastated by human greed and destruction.

Sharon O'Grady

Sharon O'Grady

Sister Sharon O'Grady grew up in Denver, Colorado, and entered the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in St. Louis in 1961. She has worked in a number of ministries including those dedicated to helping adolescent girls with problems, addictive women, women in prison and homeless families recovering from domestic violence. These ministries led her into deeper experiences of the Good Shepherd’s love for each and every person and have challenged her to become more like the Shepherd.