Nuns & Nones, my reflections

Nuns & Nones, a wonderful cohort of women religious and Millennials, is a movement that is spreading rapidly across the nation. I am a member of the group.

Having participated in three Nuns & Nones gatherings, I would say that I am amazed at the respect we have for each other. I am intrigued by our spirituality and sense of longing for meaning and purpose in life.

Community unites Nuns & Nones

It is this sense of wanting to have mutual conversations around deep values that have brought these two groups of women together. Since being with this group I have found that it is our commonalities, rather than our differences, that unite us. The Nuns and the Nones are both seekers and soul mentors.

So, what do we do when we Nuns & Nones come together? We share and listen to one another’s stories as nourishment for the soul!

We listen to the call of the spirit. It’s an open-hearted presence of praying, listening and asking questions. It’s about being authentic, and it’s about being inspired in an intergenerational community.

We need each other. We are curious about the meaning of commitment, spirituality and contemplation. We seek understanding of the vows, the value of rituals, roots and tradition, and what it takes to create intentional communities.

We are all just walking each other home.

Nuns & Nones share values of engaging in service, social justice, outreach ministries and being the presence of love in our world. Through these encounters, laughter and tears, we have forged friendships and sparked hope. And our roots of courage are strengthened.


It is so powerful for us to be together, to learn from one another and to dream together. We are on the same journey, creating the “Now” of God. In the words of a young Millennial, “We are all just walking each other home.”

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Jean Marie Fernandez

Jean Marie Fernandez

As Vocation Director for the Province of Mid-North America, Sister Jean Marie Fernandez helps young women discern their call to vocation. Sr. Jean Marie is driven by her vow of zeal and strives to model her life after the heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who left the flock of 99 to respond to the one sheep in special need.