Normandy property under contract

The news became official on September 22, 2019, when the St. Louis Post Dispatch broke the story that the Sisters of the Good Shepherd have signed a Real Estate Sale Contract for their Normandy property with the development firm Pearl Capital Management. The Province of Mid-North America received four offers for the 10-acre site. Province Leader Sr. Madeleine Munday said that Pearl’s generative vision seemed to offer the most benefit for the neighborhood. The vision or the Normandy property includes Normandy City Hall’s land, as well as the Good Shepherd campus.

Province of Mid-North America is now seeking new office space for Province administrative staff and leadership and residential space for Sisters. Sister Madeleine said, “We’re sad to leave our Normandy property. We don’t want to leave Normandy, but the property is more than we need and more than we can handle. Because it’s time for us to move along, we really wanted to be good stewards of the property and make sure it would benefit Normandy.”

Pearl hopes to start construction of the Normandy property by the middle of 2020. Their plan envisions people of different economic levels and stages in their life as part of the community. The project includes 237 market-rate apartments anchored by a grocery store, 41 for-sale single-family homes, townhouses, Normandy Police Department and City Hall.  It will be one of the largest private investments that north St. Louis County has seen in decades. 

Story extracted in part from St. Louis Post Dispatch on September 22, 2019. Additions made by Sisters Madeleine Munday and Mary Carolyn McQuaid.

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Jeanette McDermott

Jeanette McDermott

Jeanette is the Communications Coordinator for Sisters of the Good Shepherd Province of Mid-North America. She is a career photojournalist who has served in various capacities of print, broadcast, and corporate communications. Jeanette is devoted to creation and is particularly focused on saving pollinators and other wildlife species and their habitat. She is an ethical vegan and created the website