Jim Harron retires

CORA Services Chief Executive Officer Jim Harron retires after 44 years of service. That’s a hard headline to read for the many people who will miss working with him day-to-day, which happens to be a whole lot of staff, business, private and public sector people.

Jim Harron retires
Sister Mary Catherine Massei greets Jim with a farewell hug.

To send Jim off with fanfare, well wishes and love, CORA Services held a retirement luncheon on June 26. The luncheon brought more than 120 guests together to honor Jim and pay tribute to his 44 years of service to the agency. Among those who attended the affair were CORA employees and board members, Good Shepherd Sisters, Jim’s family and a few long-term external partners with whom Jim has a special relationship.

Amanda Zellner, Chief of Staff for state Representative from Pennsylvania House District 172 Kevin J. Boyle, attended the retirement party. Nicholas Himebaugh, District Director, Office of Congressman Brendan F. Boyle, brother of the state Representative. Himebaugh attended the luncheon and presented Jim with a citation for his service. Denny O’Brien, city councilman-at-large, also attended and presented Jim with a citation from the city of Philadelphia in recognition of his dedication to CORA and CORA’s outreach to the community.

CORA director retires
Contemplative Sisters with the Good Shepherd Cheltenham community attended the luncheon and shared with Jim their blessings. Sr. Dolores Kalina (far right) also attended, representing the Province Leadership Team.

People acknowledged Jim’s service to CORA through shared memories and light-hearted stories. Retirement will free Jim to travel with his wife to distant lands and favorite locales such as Las Vegas and Disney World. While traveling is a significant part of Jim’s retirement plans, he won’t stray too far from CORA Services. He will do some consulting work at CORA and play a role in supporting Ann Marie Schultz during her time of transitioning into leadership as the agency’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Sr. Charity, RGS, hired Jim as a young counselor when she formed the human services agency in 1971. He ultimately rose to the top position in the agency, becoming the third CEO of CORA Services, following Sr. Charity and Dr. Anthony Chunn.

A portrait of Jim was unveiled at the retirement luncheon and now hangs alongside his two predecessors in the main lobby at CORA. Jim officially retired on June 30, and Ann Marie Schultz took helm of the agency on July 1, 2015.

The Mission of CORA Services is to assist children, youth and families experiencing emotional, academic and social challenges which impede their development and productivity. CORA Services provides an array of comprehensive professional services focused on prevention, intervention, remediation and referral assistance. CORA is a sponsored ministry of Sisters of the Good Shepherd Province of Mid-North America.

Jeanette McDermott

Jeanette McDermott

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