Gracenter celebrations abound

Celebrating Mary Euphrasia’s feast day

Gracenter celebrations are nothing new. There’s always something going on in the lively and loving environment to rejoice. As an ongoing practice and special way to celebrate St. Mary Euphrasia on her feast day, each Sister in the San Francisco community prays for one of the women who is a resident at Good Shepherd Gracenter. The Sisters also give each resident and Mission Partner a small bouquet of flowers. Attached to the bouquet is a quote from St. Mary Euphrasia.

The Sisters also set up a table in the dining room at Gracenter. It held an album of photographs that depicted St. Mary Euphrasia’s life. A poster board display contained additional information, along with the booklet “Always Turn To The Sun.”

The items allowed Mission Partners and residents an opportunity to learn more about St. Mary Euphrasia throughout the week’s celebration while practicing social distancing due to COVID-19.

Making COVID masks for the Navajo Nation

When one of the staff at Good Shepherd Gracenter read how the Navajo Nation in Arizona was requesting masks to help ward off COVID-19, she thought that perhaps the residents at Gracenter might be interested in helping. They were!!!

The women were enthusiastic and pitched in to cut fabric, sew masks, and pack them for shipment. They made more than 55 face masks. Sister Anne Kelley donated some of the material and even Gracie, our agency dog, got into the act.

It is the least Gracenter can do to support others in the effort to remain healthy, in addition to offering our prayers and love!

Good Shepherd Gracenter is a recovery residence that offers a supportive and gently challenging program for women who wish to strengthen their early sobriety. Typically, participants have completed a primary recovery program and are seeking to re-establish employment, healthy relationships, and deepen their spirituality through participation in 12 Step fellowships. By strengthening women in recovery, they in turn strengthen their families and strong families create safe and peaceful communities.

Learn more about Gracenter celebrations and the ministry for women at Good Shepherd Gracenter.

Gracenter celebrations
Sister Anne Kelley and Gracie (front) join forces with women at Gracenter to make protective face masks for the Navajo Nation in Arizona.
Marguerite Bartling

Marguerite Bartling

Sister Marguerite Bartling is the Executive Director of Good Shepherd Gracenter in San Francisco, California. Gracenter helps women without resources break free from drug and alcohol addiction and create a hopeful future for themselves and others.