Good Shepherd study on girls in Asia and the Pacific

Joyce Meyer, PBVM, serves on the board of the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) and is the international liaison to women religious for Global Sisters Report (GSR). In August, Sister Joyce wrote an article for GSR that features a new Good Shepherd study on girls in Asia and the Pacific.

The study is titled A Good Shepherd Practitioner Understanding of Girls Rights’ Attainment. GSIF and Good Shepherd Province Australia New Zealand co-sponsored the study.

Good Shepherd study on girls centers on ministries

Good Shepherd Girls Study cover“Focus on girls is not a surprise because it has been the Sisters’ focus since the 1820s when they were founded,” said Sr. Joyce.

What makes the study unique is that the data comes from on-the-ground practitioners working in Good Shepherd social service and education ministries in 19 countries.

The Good Shepherd study on girls focuses on the issues experienced by girls 18 years of age and under in Asia. It gives voice to what girls themselves want to tell the world about their lives and how they want to be involved in bringing about solutions.

“Even though they (the girls) know it will not be an easy road, they want to be on it. So often, adults think they know what girls need, but the study revealed something different. Girls themselves know what they need. They want their voices heard, and they want opportunities to use their power to change things,” Sr. Joyce said.

Sister Joyce believes that making the study available will increase the power of girls’ voices worldwide and hopefully lead to an increased collaboration of those committed to keeping girls at the forefront of human rights discussions, “not only throughout Asia and the Pacific, but worldwide,” she said.

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Jeanette McDermott

Jeanette McDermott

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