Assembly prompted sense of urgency to move forward

Assembly prompted a sense of urgency to move forward for Sisters who are in the Province of Mid-North America. The Sisters gathered in Belleville, Illinois, from November 8-11. They met to listen, share, reflect and plan for the future of the province. Sister Caridad Tamayo said, “What a gift to know the heart of my sisters, burning with zeal for the mission.”

“The fellowship among one another was sometimes dark and gloomy. But we worked through the issues and now I can see the light!” said Sr. Caridad.

assemblyThe Assembly energized and inspired transformation. Deep conversations, presentations, contemplative listening and feedback all led to important planning for the future.

Assembly offered varied opportunities

“I have a sense of being a little shaken by the need to move forward on issues that have been sitting on the back burner for some time.  We … I … knew the issues were there, and yet the urgency became more evident,” said Sr. Liz Schille.

Sr. Cathie Boerboom felt a similar spark. She said, “I am really encouraged by all of the energy I sensed among us to more deeply connect with and support each other in both our living arrangements and ministries.”

A number of Sisters said they found special meaning in the small and large group discussions that took place at Assembly.
“Assembly offered varied opportunities that required differing skills like humility, openness and self awareness. I realized that I need to grow skills in small table sharing. My strengths are more apparent in larger group table discussions,” said Sr. Marilyn Atwell.

Other Sisters appreciated having time to really listen well to what others were saying.

“I appreciated the contemplative listening as part of the process,” said Sr. Janice Rushman.

“I experienced it as bringing a sense of quiet and deeper reflection to our interactions. I hope we integrate this element into our future meetings,” she said.

For some Sisters the fellowship of being together was an especially noteworthy experience.

“It was really nice and pleasant to see Sisters that I have not seen in years. It would be good to continue in depth discussion on issues with them,” said Sr. Maria Sowerby.

Different Sisters were struck by different cords throughout Assembly. However, all Sisters seemed to share a sentiment that Sr. Stella Mangone expressed.

“For me, Assembly was a spiritual experience; everyone shared from the heart. I was touched by the practice of love in the many different ways we communicated in prayer, interpersonal sharing and enjoying one another. We reconnected and renewed one another for mission,” Sr. Stella said.

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Jeanette McDermott

Jeanette McDermott

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